You have one shot to make a good impression with your website

Website copywriting and strategy
for new and growing businesses

Is your website is out of date?

Are you a new business getting ready to launch?

No matter how much or how little you know about marketing and sales in the world wide web, I can give you a website that

  • Attracts the clients you are looking for, builds their trust, and keeps them coming back
  • Makes your uniqueness stand out so that you can rise above the competition
  • Fits into your operations so that you and your team can take it over completely…and not be left at the mercy of charge-by-the-hour technical support

I will work with you, and your web designer if you have one, to write your website’s content, organize the website structure, and leave you in that good place where you can start reaping the returns.

Website copy, strategy and more

Words matter

You may have already noticed—a pretty website alone doesn’t cut it.

It’s the words on the page that will lead your readers to the comforting sense that you’re the one for them.

Words with impact

I’ll bet you have no love for the fluffy and frivolous, at least not on your website. In that case, I’m with you. You want your web pages to grab your readers by the brains the minute they arrive.

I’ll also bet that you have a great story to tell. Only, it takes a person on the outside to draw it out and frame it to have maximum impact on your readers. That kind of thing will set you apart from the competition.

Website strategy
matters too

Have you ever looked at a website and couldn’t figure out what business they’re in?

A lack of clarity and cohesion gives the impression that the business is stumbling, or they don’t want to pin themselves down. But it’s also the sign of a company that has outgrown their initial website, especially if new parts have been added to accommodate new offerings. Eventually, the website becomes an incoherent mess. That’s frustrating for potential clients, and bad for your bottom line.

A website strategy fixes that problem. But that’s not something you can just hand off to a web designer. Figuring out how your web pages will work together to align with your business is up to you. That’s where I can help.

Your website and
your business

“It’s like they just threw me the keys and walked away”
—say too many businesses about their web design experiences.

The truth is, you have to integrate the website into your operations. This is a business process problem, which again can be solved with a website strategy.

A website strategy addresses how your team will use and manage new functionality, such as an online store, an appointments book, or a membership site. And it sets you up for success with the technical matters, like user access rights, website updates, and website security.

Your people have enough to do. Why would you lay “WordPress skills” onto their job description? Especially when a website strategist (like me), who already knows your website and your operations, can figure it out for you and wrap it up into customized training session and user manual?

Where are you today?

already have a website

  1. Do you feel that your website’s not doing as well as it could converting traffic into clients?
  2. Do you suspect that your target audience might be leaving because they can’t find what they’re looking for?
  3. Does your website look “me too”, despite your uniqueness?
  4. Does your website no longer reflect what you do, or even worse, is it holding you back from selling your new offerings online?
  5. Are you worried that when you do put your new offering on your website, the uptake will create havoc and chaos in the office and your team will grow to hate it?

need a website

  1. Are you struggling with how to present your business online?
  2. Does the thought of writing your own website copy make your head hurt?
  3. Are you concerned that after your website launches, you won’t be able to make changes?

If you answered yes to any of the above, I can help

Your website has only seconds to draw people in, to let them know whether they are in the right place. That means a clear, upfront answer to the visitor’s first question, which is “Can you help me?”

When that’s all good, the reader wants to know: “Do you get me? Are you for me? Can I trust you?”

Through carefully crafted words, persuasively presented, your website will make your case and lead the reader to the next stage of the buying cycle.

Your website should be an asset to your business. But if it’s not working for you then it’s worse than worthless—it’s a detriment. It’s blocking your growth and that’s negative ROI.

A great web design alone is not enough to solve that problem. But add powerful copy and a clear strategy and that will make all the difference.

More services that take your website to a new level


Need help with your web pages?

You can have web copy written fresh or your existing pages optimized to attract readers and turn them into customers.


Frustrated with your current website, but not ready to invest in a new one?

An overhaul can fix many problems and put you back in charge of your online presence.

WEBSITE Critique

Concerned that your website is not helping your business?

A website critique can diagnose issues and give you a roadmap of recommendations. Basic critique starts at $300 for 3 web pages.

Website clients I have helped

We consider JoAnne as a part of our team. She is the first call when we have an idea or a question, and she always brings valuable insight. When we had to implement a custom delivery service to our Check-Out, JoAnne was able to provide more than one solution within a day.

I would recommend Wordbeats to anyone who needs a website that wants their small business to grow.”

Chris Benedict
Operations Manager, Arctic Boilers and Fabricating Ltd.

“We are so thankful that we chose JoAnne to assist us with our website. From the outset we were impressed by her professionalism, insights and expertise. Her copywriting was a perfect match to what we wanted to convey to our audience.

I highly recommend JoAnne Burek to anyone who is looking to partner with a copywriter who has the capacity and drive to go beyond the ordinary and achieve outstanding results.”

Judith Szabo
Director of Business, Quantum Kidz

“I am blown away….”

Randy Sikora
Techwood Fine Finishes

Hi, I’m JoAnne Burek

Website copywriter, content and process wrangler, and online marketing expert

I’m here to help you boost your online presence with clear, compelling copy that attracts more leads and makes more sales.

I’ve consulted for, written, and rewritten almost two dozen websites for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits. My process involves researching your market, writing persuasive copy, and structuring content for great user experiences.

If you’re ready to get your website working for you, drawing in customers and getting them to click, I’m ready to help.

What’s the next step?

Whether you’re ready to take action now, or if you aren’t sure what you need but you want to find out more, booking a 15-minute call is the best way to start.

Still scrolling? Check out the blog for marketing tips for freelancers and small business.

More client praise

JoAnne handled everything from advising how to format our website down to the small details on how to maintain the website, which gave me time to do my own job.
Efficient, professional, courteous, responsive, very patient & kind.
JoAnne, you went above and beyond & I would recommend your services anytime.

Jodi Adam
Arctic Boilers & Fabricating

There are many aspects to freelancing that I love. Marketing myself is not one of them. Thanks to JoAnne Burek’s expert advice and guidance, the text and information on my website and CV has come alive. I am so happy with the results. I’d definitely recommend JoAnne to anyone seeking to make their writing and business pop.

Stephen Ullstrom

JoAnne, I love how your mind works. It’s brilliant. I didn’t even know that this is exactly what we needed!!!!!!!!

Alexandra Peace
Indexing Society of Canada

It was a pleasure to work with JoAnne. Ron and I will be recommending her services to others at every opportunity.

Robert Dunn
Project Supervisor with Ronald I. Cohen, Editor, The Heroic Memory Vol 2