Content Marketing Strategy

Helping you move your customer through the buyer’s journey

Marketers say that only 3% of your prospective customers are ready to buy from you at any one time.

In the meantime, you should continue to market to them nonstop. That means content—educational, informative, entertaining content—that helps turn them into buying customers. And once they’ve bought, you can give them more content and turn them into happy customers.

The number of ways you can deliver content is staggering. And that presents opportunities and a challenge. How can you know what, when, where, and how content should be delivered for maximum effect?

It depends on your customers and your product. There is no magic formula.

Content marketing strategy tailored for you

A content marketing strategy solves that problem. It gives you a written plan so that you and your team can take action with assurance. It identifies the most effective delivery channels based on your product and your prospects’ needs. Furthermore, it gives you a guide to using these channels so that you can achieve your goals most effectively.

A content marketing strategy for your business includes a document with the following:

  • Profile of your ideal client and guidelines on how and what to speak about in order to resonate with them.
  • Profile of your business mission and values, your winning difference, and your positioning.
  • Style guide for your brand voice.
  • Buyer’s journey outline with proposed content for each stage.
  • Additional cornerstone content suggestions.


A content marketing strategy starts at $5000.

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