About JoAnne Burek

Badge of The Professional Writers' Alliance

My business code is to treat clients with courtesy and respect. No dismissing. No thoughtlessness. No neglect. I apply the code to your customers too. Your users should never have to use a website that’s confusing, unhelpful, or incomplete.

You too want the best for your customers. That’s why you have a great product.

I help companies build authority and grow sales with web copy and strategy that engages, motivates, and delights customers.

With your product and my help, we can change lives. And you can achieve the profits you deserve.

Shall we team up?

Copywriting Certifications

Verification Badget of AWAI-Verified Site Content Audit Specialist
Site Content Audit Specialist
SEO Copywriting Specialist
UX Copywriting Specialist
Verification Badget of AWAI-Verified Sales Enablement Copywriting Specialist
Sales Enablement Copywriting Specialist
Case Study Specialist
Content Marketing Strategist

My first client

“We finished the website,” the web designer said. “Now send us the copy to go on these pages.”

What??? My friend and I looked at each other. When we hired the company to build a website for his industrial heater company, we thought they would take care of everything.

Now we were scrambling. We needed content—lots of it. Sales pages … about page … home page … right down to the contact page and footers.

It was all up to me now.

It had only been a month since I started early retirement from a successful career for a large firm. My last position was sales and negotiations on multi-million dollar outsourcing contracts. I loved many aspects about the job. But more than anything, I loved getting to know our clients’ business and industry. I loved working with their employees, helping them to achieve their goals.

But after 35 years in the corporate world I was ready for a change. I was learning how to write indexes for the back of books. I would be getting paid to read books!

On the eve of my retirement, my friend asked me if I would project-manage the development of his website. You bet!, I said.

And now my friend’s website was ready to be filled with sales copy. I knew about selling to warm contacts. I didn’t know yet how to sell to strangers.

I rolled up my sleeves and started learning copywriting from the world’s top copywriters. I learned how to connect with cold prospects, get them to like and trust you, and give them what they need to choose you.

After the website launched, my friend allowed me to keep changing it up. I made it more informative and easier to use. As he expanded his services, we added more pages. I created sales campaigns. We showcased his expertise with a blog. I continued to sharpen my skills. For me, it was a wonderful experience. For my friend’s business, it brought a ton of value.

I always liked writing, but copywriting is the best. I love its role in commerce and that it brings purpose and value to clients and customers alike.

A bit more about me

I have an MBA and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

I also write back-of-the-book indexes. I also manage and contribute to the website of the Indexing Society of Canada.

In my private time, I’m either in the kitchen or I’m hiking on a trail. I take photos, write the blog, and write weekly emails for the Waskahegan Trail Association. I also keep a food and travel blog, foodforkandfootpaths.com about my occasional adventures in the world of food and travel.