Your website is a continuous open house on your business. That means it should be inviting and attractive to the people you want to serve, while gently turning away the ones you don’t want to, or can’t serve.

It takes a few elements to make your website work for you, and a clean, functional web design is just one of them.

The words on your website are just as or perhaps even more important than the design, as this is what ultimately builds trust and makes sales.

If your website is missing this, it’s languishing in limbo.

In 2013 I bought an HTML template and wrote my first personal website. Two years later, I worked with a web design company on the development of website for my friend’s business. I discovered that what was really needed for the website was sales copy, and that’s when I started studying copywriting—with emphasis on the web.

Because when your website needs to explain your services, your product, and your unique value—not to mention stand out in search engine rankings—it’s the words that are critical.

Since then I have consulted for, written, and rewritten almost two dozen websites for freelancers and entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits.

I’m not a “web designer” but I know how to use commonly-available technologies to build and even customize websites that YOU can maintain and update.

My methods use the techniques of market research, direct response copywriting, information architecture, user experience, and SEO. With that I can help you get your website out there, talking to, and building trust with the customers you’ve been looking for.

Choose from one of these services below, or contact me to discuss what might work best for you.

Website Overhaul

Frustrated with your current website, but not ready to invest in a new one?

An overhaul can fix many problems and put you back in charge of your online presence.

Web Copy

Need help with your web pages?

You can have web copy written fresh or your existing pages optimized to attract readers and turn them into customers.

Website Audit

Concerned that your website is not helping your business?

A website audit can diagnose issues and give you a roadmap of recommendations. Basic audit starts at $300 for 3 web pages.

Website Overhaul

There could be many reasons why you’re unhappy with your website:

  • It doesn’t look good on smart phones and tablets
  • It doesn’t work right
  • The design is out-dated and it doesn’t reflect who you are
  • The design is locked down so you can’t make changes to keep up with your evolving business
  • You avoid posting content on it because it’s so hard to use

You don’t have to keep making excuses for your website. There’s a good chance it can be fixed with a website overhaul.

A website overhaul lets you keep everything about your site that you like, and just have the problems fixed. Sometimes it means replacing the insides with a quality WordPress theme and plugins, and when that happens, it’s a great thing because in almost all cases, your new website will be easier to maintain.

If your website was custom-built by a web design company, you might be hesitant to face again that experience and expense. And how long do you think it would it take before that shiny new website becomes obsolete again?

With a website overhaul, every effort is made to ensure that nothing is locked down. The package includes a user manual that shows you how to make changes so that it can evolve with your business.

And that is how you take back control of your online presence.

When you’re ready to say goodbye to frustration, book a 15-minute chat and include your website’s URL.

Web Copy

Your prospects can be at any stage in their sales journey. They can be just starting out, looking for solutions, or at the other end, deciding between you and a competitor.

I write web copy that attracts, engages, informs, and compels readers to take action using the techniques of direct response copywriting and ethical search engine optimization.

Your home page, your about page, and all your other pages are opportunities to hook readers and gain their trust. I write these pages for you, using your voice and style.

My web copywriting is for you if:

  • You’re struggling with hard-to-write content—like your About page
  • You have content that needs to be edited to keep readers engaged and satisfied
  • You have a form that needs to be more user friendly
  • You need a landing page or a sales page that conveys your value and persuades the reader to buy

I use editors’ techniques, using a style sheet that we agree on to ensure consistent treatment of branding, word usage, and spelling. As a bonus, the style sheet is included in your web copy package—you can use it to settle your team’s style arguments and ensure your website is always looking sharp and professional for life.

When you’re ready to chat, book a 15-minute call to discuss how I can help you with your web copy needs.

Website Critique

Whether you spent thousands on your website, or you built it yourself, an independent review of your website may be what you need before you can boost your online presence.

…especially if you’re not happy with it and you don’t know where to start.

A website critique examines how it is experienced by your target customers. It diagnosis problems with usability and messaging and makes recommendations for improvement.

A website critique is for you if:

  • Traffic to your website has fallen off and you’re not sure why
  • You tell people “My website’s a mess” but you procrastinate on fixing it—because you don’t know where to begin
  • You’re investing in a new website re-using your old content and you want it to be awesome from day one.
  • You’re wondering whether a complete rewrite is necessary—could you fix what you already have?

The website critique package includes specific recommendations plus a roadmap to get your site on track for better results.

To get started, book a 15-minute chat and include your website’s URL.