Your website is a continuous open house on your business. It should be inviting and attractive to the people you want to serve, while gently turning away the ones you won’t serve.

A clean, functional web design is one element that makes your site appealing and easy to use. But it’s the words on the page that draw the traffic in, let your readers know that they are in the right place, smooth the way to purchasing, and keep them coming back for support.

Website Content

Here is a list of web pages that you might want me to write:

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Services pages
  • Product pages
  • Project Portfolio pages
  • Case Studies
  • Blog posts and articles
  • FAQs
  • Landing pages, for example, email newsletter sign-ups
  • Contact page
  • Forms
  • Navigation menu design

As an option, I can optimize your pages for SEO (search engine optimization) and write the SEO metadata which will show up on search result listings.

I can also write related content, such as:

  • Downloadable materials, for example, brochures, manuals, lead generation magnets (like a report to give away for signing up for a newsletter)
  • Email automation sequences
  • Social media posts
  • Customer persona development

What you get

I will give you your web content in Word documents or Google docs so that it can be copied and pasted into your website, in social media posts, etc.

For complex pages, I can display the content and all the page components in wire-frames for both desktop and mobile so that the layout really clear.

Optionally, I can add the content to your website myself if you give me access.

If the scope includes three or more pages, I’ll also give you the style sheet I create for the project, if you haven’t given me one. A style sheet is a living document that editors use to ensure that consistent usage, spelling, and punctuation is used across the website.

How it works

These are the steps from start to finish:

Step #1: Understanding your business

  • We’ll discuss your business goals with respect to your online presence so that I can be sure of hitting the mark.
  • Through interviews with you and your team, I will learn about your business and its services and products so that I can capture your uniqueness and strengths and articulate them in your voice.

Step #2: Understanding your customers

  • I’ll study your target market, so that my copy will resonate with your desired customer.

Step #3: Checking in with you

  • Depending on the size and scope of the project, I may check in with you and your marketing and design teams to confirm my approach before I begin writing copy.

Step 4: Delivery and finalization

  • Once I give you the copy, I’ll ask you to review it. After the first round of revisions, if any, there will be one more review and an opportunity to revise the copy once again.

To Get started

When you’re ready to talk, book a 15-minute call with me and we’ll discuss your copy needs.

Site Content Audit

If you’re wondering why you’re not getting more business through your website …

Or if you know your site has problems, but you don’t know what to do …

Then a Wordbeats Site Content Audit can help.

A site content audit attempts to diagnose a website’s problems based on a thorough review of its key pages. The audit looks for barriers that prevent your website from meeting your expectations, and gives you a plan for improvement.

What you get

The audit gives you a report that includes:

  • A detailed review of each page in scope outlining the problems and opportunities
  • An evaluation of your site’s content performance using a 21-point checklist
  • A summary list of what’s working well on your site, along with a list of detailed, actionable recommendations that you can implement.


The price for a basic site content audit, which includes the Home page, About page, and 3 other pages of your choice, is $1000 plus applicable taxes.

To get started

When you’re ready, book a 15-minute call with me and we’ll discuss your audit goals.