Choosing a Domain Name in 2020

One of the major to-dos of starting a new business is choosing a name. Really, you have two challenges—creating a name that’s fitting and original, and finding a version of it for your website’s domain name.   My journey with domain names My very first website was for my back-of-the-book indexing services. I decided … Read more

Write your home page fast

If you’re a freelancer and you’re having trouble finishing your website, it’s possible that where you’re stuck is on your home page. So, let me give you a simple formula for writing your home page. By the end of this post, you could be on your way to having a functional, easy to read home … Read more

Does it ever make sense to discount your price?

In my previous post, I talked about the pitfalls of discounting your price because you’re new. I talked about the emotions that may be involved, and how the Triple Constraint framework can help you keepyour thoughts straight. Now I’m going to talk about two instances where you could be more flexible in your pricing. Clients … Read more

Pricing your freelance work—the Triple Constraint

Have you ever thought about discounting your price because you’re new? Pricing is one aspect of marketing that can be very mysterious—and emotional. But there’s a framework you can use to take the emotion out of it, and it’s called the Triple Constraint. But first let me tell you about the first freelance indexing job … Read more

The Easiest Place to Find Clients

Grape arbor illustrates the easiest place to find clients (low hanging fruit)

New freelancers know that the easiest place to find clients is your own network. But what if you don’t know anybody who would want what you provide? There’s a reason why your network is such a great place to find your first client. Quite simply, people want to buy from those they know, like, and … Read more

What do freelancing prospects really want?

A new freelancer asked, “What do prospective clients look for, and how can I show that I have those skills?” The first time a prospect reached out to me, I wondered the same thing. I know it’s an exciting moment, but nerve wracking too. For your first two-way communication with the person, you want to … Read more