This tri-fold brochure promotes the Waskahegan Trail and its activities to visitors and prospective members. The brochures are stocked in area visitors’ centres and other areas by the members. View the brochure.

Email Campaigns

Ever since the Waskahegan Trail Association started sending short weekly emails, member retention has increased and volunteers have stepped forward more often. These weekly emails describe the highlights of the previous week’s trail maintenance and hikes and provide a reminder about the next guided hike. Sandwiched in between are announcements, reader feedback received, calls for … Read more

Website Development and Design

The website is the public face of the Waskahegan Trail system. Area residents and visitors alike discover the trail through their search engines and links on curated lists. Once they arrive at the website, they are entertained by blog posts about the previous weeks’ hikes and trail maintenance. The beautiful landscapes, interesting flora and fauna, … Read more

Information Product

The owner is an expert in the field of motors and burner control systems. I helped him publish a book for service technicians that helps them diagnosis and repair systems that use modulating motors. Read Modulating System Basics free


The company needed sales materials in order to sell its flagship product, the Desert Air cube heater. After interviews and a product demonstration, this brochure was developed. It lays out all the features and benefits as well as technical specifications. Cube Heater Brochure (annotated)

Website Design and Development

In the three years since its website was developed, the company’s services had evolved. New service offerings needed to be added, but that was impossible to do without rewriting the website’s custom theme. Instead, the website was moved to a flexible commercial WordPress theme. This enabled us to keep the website’s original “look and feel” … Read more

Email Promotions

The ISC/SCI annual conference is the major educational and networking event of the year. Since 2017, I have written and implemented a weekly social media campaign based on emails to lists and posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Services include social media calendar development, research, content writing, sourcing photos, and editing guest content. JoAnne, I … Read more