Fresh Ideas Where You Haven’t Been Looking

Fish in a tank Hong Kong 2010

One of the things I do as a freelancer is write indexes for the back of books. Many people would say this sounds tedious. To that I say, it’s not for everyone. After all, you have to be willing to read a book more than once—even if you don’t think it will interest you. Most … Read more

For smoother, faster writing, create an office style guide

I once worked at a company that wrote detailed technical proposals for bids. Everybody on the project team wrote their own sections. On the weekend before the proposal was due, some effort would be made to make the proposal read as one voice end-to-end. But usually, we ran out of time. It was embarrassing to … Read more

Thinking about the blockchain

As a retired technical person, I find it unsettling when I feel ignorant about an emerging new technology. The first time I heard about the blockchain, I was watching the documentary Banking on Bitcoin. And then “blockchain” starting popping up in articles about new IT career paths and directions. Ever since, I’ve been curious about … Read more

White paper

This white paper on business continuity for the freelancer was written and presented at a national conference. The paper was a topic of discussion on the listservs for weeks afterward. Six months later it was printed in the industry’s international journal. Skills: Writing Powerpoint

Lead Generation eBook

I wrote this e-book for authors who need to get an index written for their book and don’t know where to begin. It is now a key promotional piece for the Indexing Society of Canada. Skills: Writing eBook design

Indexing Society of Canada

Canada’s indexers look modern and professional with a new website and promotional materials   Client Website Design and Development, WordPress Installation, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Blogging Indexers are the people who write indexes for the back of books as well as for materials such as periodicals, ebooks, websites, archives, and in Canada, Hansard. … Read more

Waskahegan Trail Association

Waskahegan Trail Association needed a revitalized website with modern functionality and consistent branding to reach the public and reverse the membership decline. The web pages were reorganized, updated and migrated to a new WordPress installation. Online membership registration and purchasing was implemented to replace cheque-handling. Consistent weekly blogging publicizes the activities of the club. Membership … Read more

Indexing Society of Canada

The Indexing Society of Canada / Société canadienne d’indexation (ISC/SCI) is Canada’s national association of indexers. Its mission is to encourage the production of indexes,  promote the employment and professionalism of indexers. The Society’s website was outdated and substantially broken. I gave them a new bilingual and responsive website that lets them log in to … Read more

Desert Air Rentals Ltd.

Desert Air Rentals wanted to establish an Internet presence while standing out from the commodity heater rental business. They also needed written materials to support the marketing of a new technologically-advanced product they developed themselves. The new website showcases the company’s products and expertise and is a valuable resource for service technicians. Learn More Skills: … Read more

Waskahegan Trail Association

Venerable hiking club rejuvenated with revamped publicity and new website functionality Client Websites, Brochures, Blogging, Documentation, Social Media The Waskahegan Trail Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of the Waskahegan Trail in the province of Alberta. Established in 1970, it was facing a crisis as the current membership was aging, … Read more